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January Fashion + Beauty Wishlist

I've been on a spending ban for the New Year, but I've still been looking at pieces that are first on my list when I'm able to shop again. The first piece, a ridiculously stunning leather bustier needs to be in my closet. I already have about 5 outfits in mind, and it would be so good if it were in my size! I'm considering having one made just like it. No joke. The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette I think is a must for any matte lover, especially if you're not bold with your eye looks. The Tarte blush in Tipsy is one I've had before, and the peachy color works so well with my complexion.The Vanille parfum smells just like cookies, and I've been coveting it forever, along with the Tokyo Milk Bubble Bath that's jasmine and gardenia scented. The newest item on the list from Julep is a limited edition rose gold(!) glitter polish I can't wait to try.

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