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Reader Request: Chic Eyeglasses

Reader Michelle says, "I was doing a search on Lori Taylor at Smashbox. I love her look, in particular her eyeglasses. Do you know what make/model she wears? I am in the market for a new pair and hers look awesome!"

Hi Michelle! As a glasses wearer since the 5th grade, it's nice to finally see eyeglasses as a chic accessory, not just a boring neccessity. In addition to Lori Taylor, two of my other favorite stylish ladies, Jenna Lyons and Lucy Chadwick use their glasses as a trademark fashion statement. Warby Parker is the first brand I thought of for fashionable glasses at a reasonable price, as well as my favorite seller on eBay. I have three pairs of glasses that I rotate, one from Warby Parker, one from eBay, and a Chanel pair, so I know how the right frames can really finish your look! 

Here are a few great options that I'm sure you'll love.

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