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DIY Gold Leaf Topcoat (Rococo and Zoya Inspired)

As much as I love this Rococo 24kt Gold Leaf topcoat, I don't love the $48 price tag.  Zoya also has a similar topcoat coming out soon, but I couldn't justify spending that much on a small bottle of nail polish. So I thought I'd try to create my own with just a couple of ingredients.
Rococo Topcoat

I bought a couple of baggies of gold leaf flakes from eBay (this seller was only 99 cents each!), and added them to my Julep Quick-Dry Topcoat. Here are my results:

I used my new topcoat over a current favorite nail color of mine from Revlon called Rain Forest. Rain Forest is a gorgeous, deep emerald green color with gold glitter. I thought the gold leaf would be amazing paired with this green, and I love the result. I applied quite a lot for a chunkier gold effect, but you can add as little as you like.

A few tips:
- If you have trouble picking up the glitter on your brush straight from the bottle, you can also sprinkle some of the gold flakes onto paper and pick them up with a wet brush.
- To get a smooth finish, you want to make sure the gold flakes lay flat on to the nail.
- I used about half a bag of the gold flakes, and depending on how big your clear polish is, you can use more or less.

If you try this DIY, I'd love to see it! Comment below with a link to your blog post, tweet me a pic, or leave a pic on my Facebook page!

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