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A Glimpse of My Weekend...

I love exploring NYC during the holiday season - the crowds of people holiday shopping, the cold winter air, and the tons of activities around town. To celebrate our anniversary this year, my boyfriend and I decided to have a day of play!
Our first stop was The Gap (I was cold and wanted a cozy scarf) and the first thing we noticed was a gorgeous Christmas tree made from gift boxes. Cool, right?
We then stopped into the Wired Pop-Up in Times Square, to test out new gadgets.
My boyfriend fell in love with this 3-D camera and television, and I have to say, it's amazing! Definitely better than seeing a 3-D movie in theaters.
The Dylan's Candy Bar Pop-Up was not about a block up, so we stopped in to escape from the cold for a bit. We didn't end up picking any treats (the line was ridiculous), but this enormous gingerbread house was worth stopping in for.
Stay tuned for my experience at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park!

What did you do this weekend?

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