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Two Perfect Nudes from the OPI Germany Collection

While checking out the new nail color collections for Fall, I fell in love with the OPI Germany Collection, specifically two gorgeous nude shades. As we move into the new season, I know I'll be reaching for more subtle shades on my nails, and these two fit the bill! 

First up is my favorite of the two, called Don't Pretzel My Buttons. It's a really creamy beige, and I like that it's a warm nude. I think it would work well on a variety of skin tones,  without having that dreaded "mannequin hands" look. 

Next is My Very First Knockwurst, a nude shade that looks very similar to Don't Pretzel My Buttons at first glance, but in natural light you can immediately see the pink undertones. I think this would work well on most skin tones as well, and is great if you prefer paler pink shades.

Both shades are a definite must have for you neutral-lovers out there, and the entire collection is available in stores now!

1 comment:

  1. I like 'My First Knockwurst!' This is a colour that I'd definitely love, seems to go with most anything.


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