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Why I Love Duane Reade! (#DReade)

I don't enter many contests, but when I saw that Duane Reade is looking for VIP Blogger Influencers, I had to seize the opportunity!

Why do I love Duane Reade?
I'm a beauty junkie, and as much as I love high-end items, but I don't always want to splurge on the latest beauty trends. Duane Reade does an amazing job of carrying the latest and greatest beauty items, but at an affordable price. As a New Yorker, part of the fun of shopping for beauty items is going to a luxury beauty department and trying out products. Duane Reade has definitely recreated this by turning a quick trip to the drugstore into an experience! I love the overhaul to the beauty department, and that I find a wide range of brands every time I shop.
I'm a sucker for the nail color section in the Union Square location! (photo taken by me)

Why should I be chosen as a 2012 VIP Blogger?
Just as Duane Reade has set itself apart from other brands, I strive to consistently create a unique experience for my readers with my own brand of style. I'm a multi-faceted blogger, and active in all social mediums. My brand is constantly growing, and I only align myself with brands that are in step with my vision. Duane Reade is definitely a brand I'd love to be apart of!

Consider this my entry :)

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