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Stylish Eats: The Chocolate Room

We stopped by The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn for the second time last night in search of the kind of happiness only a rich dessert can provide. Located in Park Slope, The Chocolate Room is a cute cafe with a warm, bakery-type atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and sweet (I would be too if I was surrounded by chocolate all day!) and we were seated quickly. I love anything with pumpkin ice cream, so I ordered the special of the night - which included the seasonal treat, along with a chocolate pecan tart. The pecan tart was delicious! It wasn't overly sweet, but still indulgent. My boyfriend modestly chose a vanilla and coffee milkshake, but I made him share my dessert (reluctantly, of course). I definitely recommend a visit if you're a chocoholic, or you just have a major sweet tooth like me!
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What we had:
The "Special" - Pecan and chocolate tart with pumpkin ice cream $9
Vanilla and Coffee Milkshake (not pictured) - Vanilla ice cream with a potent dose of coffee - $7

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  1. I love dining in this chocolate restaurant because it satisfies my sweet tooth. I'm glad that my cosmetic dentist greenville sc is a bit lenient with me eating sweets.


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